Are piss *****'s untaught?

i get them every daylight and every night, even at academy.

why dont you clean your mouth out use some proper words consequently you wont have to use ***'s and we could see what you are in reality asking!
That's nice.
The little stars are so cute. I see them at night too, up surrounded by the sky.
at your age,yes
uh sure
Try dry nites . dry nites anticipate dry mornings :D
if you mean erections why not enunciate so? yes it is natural so is masturbation nought at all to seize upset about wallow in it!
blah, blah, blah, blah
wow learn to speak them ask your quiz
Yes its totally natural. Its majority to have asterisk's adjectives over the place.
u need stop peein on yourself u a grown azz man. bad.
if you play a trombone

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