Bloated nipples?

i am 16 and have bloated nipples is within anything I can do to change this.

i dont reason they're bloated. think abt it ur a teen who basically lost a lot of mass.has it ever occur to you that some fat have remained in ur chest nouns..this happened to one of my friends and guess what his nipples are fine.but generous. I think this is majority!
How do you know they are bloated? When you toach them do they feel approaching you are on a water bed?
u could jump 2 the Dr.
Buddy u have some serious problems your heading is one 2 many and your worring roughly speaking your nipples . If i was u i would drink alot and next try to pop them with a screw driver.
This could be something you'll grow out of within a couple of years. If they hurt, see a doctor. Otherwise, just linger and see what happens.
never hear of this b4...maybe u lately need to lose bulk or something...
You need to breast nurture.
Maybe you are just in a minute going through puberty, that's when the nipples get larger, sore, and firm. If you've been through puberty see a doctor.
wow WTF? what are bloated nipples? never hear of them before

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