Any obedient ways to gain pecs express?

whats the best way to bring back pecs fast? and also i hold another question, how do you engineer your forearms bigger? Not like big big but how can you make the addition of more muscle to them? and one last quiz! is it true that to much weight lifting can stunt your growth? my friend tied foot ball and he sorta shrunk. i ruminate its because he got so bulky. but can somone explain that hole point to me? THANX!

K, u cant bulk up fast. its newly too good to be true. U entail to take it trouble-free and build them up a little at a time. No one's pecs be made overnight. just sermon to ur doctor or get a trainer to assistance u out. And dont try any bulk up fast products. its a moment ago not healthy. have all sorts of shipment lifting and fitness tips for guys. no lifting doesnt stunt your growth, you prolly just get taller.

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