Am I a tardy bloomer?

am i a late bloomer, im 16, i own a little arm fleece, no pit hair, by a hair`s breadth any facial hair and my penis size is 5 inches, will it acquire bigger and will i get some facial mane?

everyone develops at different times, be patient :-)
If your voice have changed then i would start getting used to what you own now. If not later there is other hope.
my son is 16 has no frontage hair so want it will come any time
You're fine. Most boys grown a tad later than girls. i wouldn't verbs about it. You will go and get facial hair. Some men in recent times never get a in one piece lot. And as for the in the pant stuff. The size is just fine. It may or may not find bigger, but you aren't done growing as a whole nonetheless. For boys you are usually done growing about age 21
You're still growing. My 19 year ancient brother like newly recently contained by the last few years started gettin facial and pit spine. And my twin brother [we're 16] has A L0T of facial and pit tresses. And his voice is kinda deep.

Give it some time, you'll grow more fuzz enjoy will it last because pretty soon your going to have to shave approaching everydayy. lol.

As fer the inches.. eh, I dunno. Don't really care to know any. lol.
Don't worry. You are specifically not a late bloomer. Some men enjoy little hair, some men are overgrown beside hair. your penis size? Normal for a 16 year outmoded. It will keep growing until you make the age of 18-21. Normal erect length for an adult is 6 inches.
your are but it is ok see when folks develpod there penis size eraly it will stay that size but past due have bigger ones
i know alot of ethnic group with your problem and their name are bow wow, macaulay culkin, and cory feldman and they all grew out of it. so will you.

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