Addict masturbate is desperate may be or not?

when im baby im outstandingly healthy my teacher call me im potato close to but when i come in six standard i start doing masturbating and doing it till i ratify 12th standard when i know that it is bad for one's condition now im 52 kg i muse so it is becoz of mastubating and i also loss the strength becoz of my health i loss my confidence and have a feeling shy to talk to any girl very soon i not doing masturbating more then year can i once again competent to get that strength and form

not to be rude, but if masterbating was unpromising to your health in attendance wouldnt be a man alive
If masturbating is making you ill, I suggest you consent to the doctor know.
I am just optimistic, or does this sound incredible?
masturebation can't hurt you if your do it 5 times to 10 timesday you would be the same if you did 0 times a afternoon

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