How should i work my abs minus any equipment?

I guess abs meaning stomach, a great deal of my fat is contained by my chest area, abdominal (ab) are, anything. I don't have any equipment to work near because i dont have satisfactory and my parents are lazy (seriously, they want a root for anything I ask them to buy for me, I asked them for a really nice ab lounger which was below 200 dollars and they said no, and we CAN afford it). Anyway, I'm willing to put within the time I am NOT gonna be lazy anymore I am a VERY easier said than done worker. Even if it means wake up at 5 to do exercises then starting my afternoon at 6 and leaving at 7. Now, to the press. What exact exercise should I do? How long? How many? How exactly do I complete the exercise? O don't even know what crunches and reverse crunches are.

Answers:    1. Bicycle
The bicycle was rank as the best ab exercise by the Amercian Council on Exercise because it uses every muscle in your abs to create a strong, lean torso. Make sure you verbs your abs in (draw your navel towards your spine) and save them contracted throughout the movement to protect your back. Don't hold your breath and step slowly so you can really feel it! Do 10-16 reps.
2. The Plank
The plank is another great exercise that challenge your Transverse Abdominis as well as the muscles of your fund. You can do this move on your elbows or on your hand. Position yourself as though you're about to do a pushup and hold that pose, making sure your body is within one long, straight line from lead to toes. Don't let your belly flop and keep your d¨Ścolletage straight. Hold as long as you can!
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3. Crunches on the Ball
Unless you live under a rock, you probably know that using an exercise bubble provides for a very provoking ab workout. Instead of doing crunches on the floor, lie on an exercise globe. You'll challenge your abs surrounded by a whole contemporary way while also working other muscles contained by your body like your legs and butt. Make sure you don't verbs on your neck and roll forward a bit if the move is too difficult.
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4. Reverse Crunch
The reverse crunch is great for working your obliques and it help you target the lower portion of your abs as well. There are various ways to do reverse crunches, but one of the best is to put an exercise ball below your knees. Make sure you contract your abs and use them to lift your hips past its sell-by date the floor. It's a very small movement and you shouldn't swing or use momentum.
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5. Ab Slide
This exercise also challenge the abs in a different style, but it's an advanced exercise so pay close attention to your hindmost. The movement involves rolling or sliding your hands out, using your abs and rear legs to keep your body straight and afterwards contracting them to pull pay for in. You can use anything from a Torso Track or Ab Wheel to a couple of pieces of cardboard for this movement.

Also, if you really want to lose flab in that nouns you will have to do cardio-I would suggest go underwater roping for 20 minutes 4-6 days a week.

Hope this helps! :)
Some grocery stores deal in old dvds contained by a bargain bin, and sometimes at hand are exercise dvds...

There must be some books/dvds at a local library -- photocopy some pages and do the exercises on your own at home.

Can you convince your folks to spring around $165 for Hip Hop Abs video -- it has lots of moral reviews on the Internet -- you could print out a few reviews and show them the website if they haven't seen the infomercial on TV. (I only just ordered it myself!)

But I doubt just focussing on stomach exercises isn't satisfactory. Would they consider a gym membership for you? Or if within is a local community center, you might get free or severely cheap exercise classes on weekends...

Fast-paced walking in 3 x 10 minute bursts is free! It help keep you fit adjectives over. As does swimming. Also, I suggest you eat more veggies, own meatless mondays and eat fish once a week (instead of meat).

Always consult a licensed doctor previously starting any new exercise program or diet. Good luck!

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