Can the directive of attraction gross your penis bigger?

ive heard the decree of attraction can heal your body and net you can it also work on your penis?



that's a good trick, send it to oprah...
There is no "regulation of attraction" and magnettherapy is a crock of ****. No.
nooo it wont
that's called excitment
With the unbroken "the law of attraction make me taller!!" thing, I guess that the only agency attraction could be used is if you put a ton of small bits of iron, nickel, or cobalt into someone's bloodstream and then put magnets of equal (STRONG) polarity above their organizer and under their foot while they lay there and lift the misery.

andd.. I wouldn't try that on THE most sensitive part of your body. Nuh-uh. Even if you did, it probably wouldn't work. And so go the Law of Attraction making your penis bigger down the tubes.

..However.. your penis DOES get longer during an erection because the skin stretches more.
it's adjectives mathmatical....the angle of dangle is relative to the heat of the meat, the square of the curls, and the cube of the boob. just that simple
Awww your so cute. No. Your penis is going to be as big as it get. You cant make it bigger next to anything.

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