8 pints of hose down a light of day?

is it true that its healthy to drink this amount a daylight?

Well it's 2 litres a day and yes it's extremely good for you. It keep your body hydrated and flushes out your system.
yes, if diluted with Carling Black sign
I think the citizens who invented the waterproof mattress covers started this rumour !!
And to the soul above me,,, I'm on my 9th can of the wonderful stuff right now...glad I get one of those covers lol
Not 8 pints!
8 glasses, my friend.
to stay able-bodied drink an ounce of water per pound of body solidity daily. By the means of access for the people thinking this is too much hose down, I drink close to 2 gallons of water a year, which happens to be 256 ounces. I weigh 180 pounds, which manner I consume more than an ounce per pound. Water gives natural life, lack of kill life slowly. You don't enjoy to drink as much as me to be healthy, but by no medium would I ever consume less than 2 liters a afternoon.
Well about 7 to 8 eyeglasses thats about 4 to 5 pints but tea milk even beer counts as constituent of it.X Cindy
Its 8 GLASSES! Not 8 pints! However, no one ever mentions the size of the chalice! You may well be right! It could be 8 PINT SIZED GLASSES!
The rule of thumb for a clean amount is 8 glasses of river... not 8 pints.

You can kill yourself by drinking too much marine. It is called "Hyponatremia" ~ insufficient brackish in your blood.

Earlier this year, a 28-year-old California woman died after competing surrounded by a radio station's on-air water-drinking contest. After downing some six liters of water surrounded by three hours in the "Hold Your Wee for a Wii" (Nintendo hobby console) contest, Jennifer Strange vomited, went home beside a splitting headache, and died from so-called water intoxication.
No! No! No! Not one ounce per body substance; that much water can massacre you! No more than 1/2 ounce per body weight (Lbs); unless you are a soldier and serve contained by Iraq, you may need a short time bit more.
about 2 litres a sunshine is the recomended amount, drink more if you do any high intensity exercise
I imagine it's 8 glasses
its 8..8ounces specs so 64 ounces
No not 8pints you will Drown from the inside ,,,,try 3 half pint eyeglasses in the course of the light of day,,,,,
the recommended amount is FOUR PINTS (8 GLASSES)

If you are thirsty enough to drink 8 pints, you could be diabetic
So they vote. As long as when you pee if comes out clear, you're drinking enough.
I come up with it's a little too much.
Yep a gallon a light of day!

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