Are Human Growth Hormones Safer Than Steroids?

**Dave** Finally, someone who knows what he's conversation about.
GH is some serious stuff, more so than anabolic steroids within my opinion. It really is for the more advanced, and the side effects are frightening. I'm 254lbs., and am spot on if I advance to using GH, I'll pack some size, even though it take about SIX MONTHS TO SEE RESULTS!
It's expensive and take considerable time to show results. So only the importantly devoted body builder or crazy imbecile uses it.
Keep in mind, adjectives these advertisements for a changeability of HGH out there are not physical GH, you can't buy it legally. So that should be your first clue. Gotta own a prescription for it, or illegal source.
If you are considering using, approaching Dave said, get well-read. I take nearly 3 months studying everything in my arsenal of information in the past I decide which 'supplements' to pinch next, it's a complicated science, steroids are. But I won't touch GH, that's some indigestible duty stuff!!
none of that sh*t is "safe" because it's not natural.
For the most bit, they are used differently and for different purposes at different times.

GH is much more expensive and is usually only used when steroid users arent really getting anymore results. This is because it increases the number of muscle fibers. Its side effects are usually worse too. You shouldnt be messing near GH at all unless you want to be a 250+ pound monster. GH's results are slow to show, but it can be used over long period of time unlike steroids.

Steroids are not safe any and they usually shut down your own natural testosterone production, something that GH doesnt do. (Both hold a lot of other side effects that I'm not going to list)

With you asking these question, I dont think you are even equipped to use steroids. I think you want to sign up at some forum such as and (goto the forum) and learn as much as you can past you even think of touching any one of these.

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