Acne problem?

hi, im 15 yrs old and im have some acne problems, its on my face but not adjectives over just impulsive spots, but my real problem is my put a bet on, it has spread former the middle of my back does anyone know a channel to solve this im really tired of it

I used to have an acute shield of acne when I was younger for lots years; it covered my face, support, chest and posterior. I eventually healed myself minus the use of drugs. I cured myself through DIET.

-This is what you should avoid/elminate:

fried foods
White bread/flour
starch combinations during the same lunchtime (e.g. potatoes and pasta)
soda/carbonated drinks
sugar/corn syrup
soft foods (processed foods)
hydrogenated oils (in processed foods)

-you should increase your intake of:

fruits/vegetables, preferably life (you should have a salad a sunshine, at the least)
8 glasses of sea a day
integral foods
black and/or brown bread (whole grains)

-you should have a symmetry, of 80% alkaline forming foods, to 20% acid forming foods. (mostly fruits and vegetables)


Basically, your eliminations are poor/sluggish; thats is why some race can get away beside eating defectively, but you may not. The reason shifting your diet to the foods below will help is because your consumption foods that are much easier to digest and elminate than those above.

I would check out Edgar Cayce; without his proposal I would probably still suffer today.

He also said you can help yourself through osteopathic adjustment to your spine, he said this can create imbalances surrounded by your nervous system (if it isn't contained by proper adjustment) which will affect everything else. I haven't done this yet, as it is expensive; but I assume when I do, I will know how to better digest the aforementioned foods. Through DIET ALONE I have be cured for a number of years.

Don't believe the relations who say it doesn't effect it, I swear to god this will give support to. It helped me. =) virtuous luck!

Just so others are aware, I'm copy/pasting this to others, so they can get guidance, because I have be there. i'm not selling or promotion for anyone or anything, i'm not spamming. don't think that, if you see this warning elsewhere.
There's a soap by kiehls (I can't remember the exact name), that my friend used for his really bad acne that really help.
I would try going to a doctor. They can prescibe antibiotics to clear it up. Also, there is a product call Vivant. It is expensive but works miracles. Good luck, but take prudence of it so that you don't get scare!
Try using Neutrogena face and body rinse the original it worked for me when I be around your age. Try using it three times daily.
Nature's Cure pills are right. Proactive works well, but its exceedingly difficult to reach your final of course. Nature's Cure is a pill that will aid clear out your acne by controling the biochemistry of your body, making it convenient and easy. Also, because its difficult to swab your back, try getting a vertebrae washer (like a spong on a stick) and get some acne soap to rinse there (Nature's Cure would hold something). If you do nothing, it should clear eventually, but these are only some medical helpers. Goodluck
if you run to a doctor
they will perscribe you something
usuaally they will tell you to
attain benzaclin
it works really good !
for your backbone , get a sponge beside a handle
buy a obverse wash
biore products work really dutiful !
and just put it on the sponge and purify your back !
you can also buy thiss stuff by clinque call
clarifying lotion 3
it is a redish pink color
and you just pour it onto a cotton orb and run your back
you will actully beable to see the dirt
so you can keep hold of doing it until there is no dirt

hope i help :D
have you tried a tea backpack or honey at all that might abet you out a lot
As per a report heaps anti-acne products are known to worsen rosacea symptoms. Medical experts strongly urge rosacea sufferers to stop using these products.

Rosacea is a adjectives skin condition that affects many Americans, but it can also spread to the eyes and make happen a constant gritty, burning sensation.

I have be in rummage a product that works on my skin, I finally found it on one of acne rosacea review site. I use ZENMED Skin Support System - Dry Skin, and I saw results in weeks!

I recommend to be in motion for ZENMED Skin Support System - Dry Skin once. Cheers

The medicine and health information post by website user , not guarantee correctness , is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for any medical conditions.

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