A small drop of blood from sperm. .?

Okkie.. hmm maybe.. two weeks from presently i jacked off and next.. i got this little little RLLY RLLY little drop of blood. not close to a whole stream or teaspoon. ... but im alarmed.. butt.. i masturbated a week or a couple days after that. .and then everything be white and clear. .and then today i be just wondering and i asked a friend if that happen to him .. once and then he told me.. it didn't .. incentive i have be reading.. and stuff about this infection and man sterile i really need someone to detail me.. its not a infection.. but don't sugar coat everything iono i was doing it dry appendage tooz. .then.. i a short time ago. .masturbated.. a few mins ago to check agin. .. .and no blood.. at all.. adjectives clear and white agin. .is this somethign serious. .thanks <3

see a doctor
Blood contained by ejaculated semen (hemospermia) is relatively singular and rarely serious. In most cases, the lead to can't be determined, and the problem goes away in need treatment. However, known cause of blood in semen include inflammation, infection and blockage or injury to the prostate gland or seminal vesicles. Also, following a prostate biopsy, it is adjectives to have blood-tinged semen for four or five subsequent ejaculations.

A doctor may know how to determine the cause of blood surrounded by semen based on:

Physical nouns
Urine tests (urinalysis)
Blood test
Treatment is directed at the underlying cause when possible. If a man notice blood in his semen, he should consult his doctor.
In that amount and by consideration of "no infection" status (being sure of no unsafe sax), to be exact nothing...
But any increase during the time must be considered as a serious grip.
see a doctor so that you can make sure in that is nothing wrong

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