Asked for ***!?

I asked my girl-friend if she would give me anything and she said "individual make out beside you". If I let her generate out with me, could I travel for the gold? What do you guys conjecture?

I think that you shouldnt rush into "going for the gold". Sex is not love and that doenst plan your relationship will last. PLUS you could win pregnant and end up married next to 4 kids and not neccessarily be happy. (In retrospect of my vivacity! lol )
Dont sleep with anyone that you arent equipped to marry!
Good luck! Dont rush her, she will resent you! : )
dont make her do something she doesnt wanna do. thats rape brotha!
Every girl is different. I doubt your girlfriend will make available in for sex though
if she said merely make out afterwards thats all
I feel you should respect her boundary lines that she set up in your relationship. within other words dont.
If you got the gold ingots before after you are a shoo-in again. If you never got the prize though, kissy-kissy is adjectives you are gonna get.
i come up with that you should respect her decisions.
what sector of NO didn't you understand?
Idiot! She is unawares for sex, and you are not either if you are so fresh you are asking strangers for advice.
Dude 1 word.


Keep Begging lol
it sounds similar to neither one of you are ready for sex i would suggest that you both continue but if you think your geared up then you can ask and try but if she say NO or STOP then you enjoy to or it will be RAPE and that's illegal and you will budge to JAIL.
ask her what she mean by with the sole purpose make out next to you?
Don't waste money on dinner! LMFAO

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