Cold hand?

Theres not much more to say. I own basically really cold hand. It's rather degrading when I shake someone's hand, when it feel like they're shaking frosty the snowman's.

What can I do?

Have your blood-pressure checked, your blood-pressure may be lower that usual.

Which won't brand your hands not cold, but at smallest you will know why... as a bonus, if your blood pressure is lower than usual (up to a point, of course) you are probably less prone to a total host of health issues as you age. (If your pressure is more that moderately low you could enjoy hypo-tension, a more serious low bloodpressure problem.)
frosty's hands r probably damp
Bad Circulation of Blood through youre Body. There is the possibility of low Blood Pressure. Probably Aneamic no Iron in Body. Old Persons Problem usually, Get checked out by your Doctor. Its of late as bad as big Blood Pressure. Do not Delay as it could be serious.

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