Do men enjoy big?



I don't know how big an "ego" is, but I don't give attention to it's about size so much as it is around sensitivity.

Both males and females have ego. It's just that manly egos are sensitive and brittle. Once a mannish ego has be challenged, threatened, stepped on, trashed, or severely poked, the counterattack can be dangerous to adjectives in the neighbourhood - male or feminine.

Smart females know this and learn, over time, what provokes a manly ego. They wisely and munificently nurture that ego, without becoming a slave to it, and stay away from correct areas that are likely to raison d`¨ētre an ego to react.

Stupid females know what provokes a masculine ego and use that knowledge to rub and control. They belittle and ridicule, or puff up the ego then stick it next to a big pin and laugh while it deflate and goes flat.

The "why" chunk of your question suggests that men enjoy a choice about whether they want an ego or not. They don't. It's freshly there. With practice, men can control the muddy side of their ego and replace anger, malice, swindle, greed, envy, and the pursuit of power with love, peace, and helpfulness. But, that takes time - and the support of a "smart" woman can brand name a huge difference in how successful a man is within that quest.
the nasty hormone call testosterone...
Definition - Egotists are essentially insecure people who are attempting to cover up their own suspicion that they are not slightly as good as other relatives by pretending that they are more important.

Hmmm.does this anticipate buying expensive clothing, accessories and day after day gossip be paid a person pretend and discern more important...if so, women cannot escape this possession. One great example - Paris Hilton

A big ego is just another culturally agreed term branded on men. But yes, some men do...
you own no idea . we enjoy huge egos
yes, because they believe they are the ones
For power I guess.

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