16,still no facial fuzz,watdfuxup?

my dad and every guy in my home has facial mane. im 16 and i really want a goatee dammit!(the sorta thing that the guy who plays aj on sopranos has). any relief with whats wrong would be nice

Don't verbs son. If you are fair your down will not be as apparent as on a dark person. The age at which facial curls,as opposed to fluff,appears and shaving is required vary considerably.Some young men are in good health past 18 beforehand their facial hair become noticeable.It will begin in time,basically be patient.
i didnt get hold of my first hair till i be 18
Are you a guy?
Don't jinx yourself. Trust me, you don't want an arseload of facial spike to deal near.
lol men!!
dude think yourself lucky shaving is a distress
Im 26 and Im just getting chest spike. Albeit, I have have facial hair for some time presently. I was single fuzz at your age... nothing I considered necessary people to see. Shoot, unless you get a good plan, facial pelt is not cool at all.

My dad be in his 30's beforehand getting back curls... now hes a damn ape.
shouldnt be too much longer, when you start gettin some coat start shaving, i know that sounds like its conflicting but it trigger the hair to hold on to growing and it will come in thicker.
theres nought wrong with u..everyone is different so its pointless comparing urself to other people members..they may be dark than u or have stronger mane growth..dont worry..it'l come contained by good time..and next u will be sick of shaving it!
If you word questions resembling that, you'll get thrown stale cos people will report you for bleak language. Just a bit of direction. Everyones different, I'm well on surrounded by years and still couldn't grow a decent beard if I tried! Whatever will be will be, you can't spawn it grow, I'm afraid.
why do u want facial hair most girls are attracted to guys minus facial hair.i aim who wants to kiss a prickly frontage
its wierd..
be Glad!!
I couldn`t wait to grow some sort of tashe when I be your age, that was until I realised I looked gay, anyway it`s a strain in the butt shaving every morning
~You're still growing, you basically have to endow with it time. Even if you were growing hackle, that's no guarantee you'll look anything like AJ.
Being a nurse doesn't bring in you more competent to answer a question roughly facial hair!
Hang surrounded by there young-looking man.~
perhaps your body isn't geared up yet to start growing mane... do you have other places? but for, then you know your body isn't geared up yet! don't verbs, it'll come!
My friend is now growing plenty for a goatee at the age of 30. My bf has be shaving since highschool. He says it sucks:
It's time-consuming, it grows too rapid and the blades are expensive as hell. He tried the electric razor but it snags on his tacky hair. He have to shave like every other daytime and get up quicker in the morning to hold enough time for it!
Hi i.am over the age of 21 and still waiting to shave properly within fact my mate think i am the lucky guy as the girls are other touching my face.
So relaxe outlook will take it's course and delight in the this time i do and know none of my friends who shave take the micky out of me surrounded by fact it is the other passageway round.
well do U own american indian in your blood? Anyway, Facial quill @ 16, not sexy. I like a smooooth facade. Once you have to shave, you hold 2 every freggin day, merely 2 look decent. Don't verbs, no 1 knows where on earth you shaved it off or if it isn't growing. If they corner U let somebody know them it is cuz of the Black foot indian u have within U, skips evey 2 generations, and u might never go and get it. Man, I already blieve it myself. Shave the fine hairs past its sell-by date, and the hair the comes subsidise is darker and more coarse. Due 2 it anyone new down, and it hasn't lighten form sun xposure, and worn from friction, resembling the hair on legs and arms. But if it's not within it's not there.
Nothing is wrong. You will newly have to hang around.
I was surrounded by college before I started shaving, narrowly had pubes when I graduate from high academy, relax it'll come soon enough.
Lucky. You won't be wise saying that when you're bored of shaving.
my bro hasnt got facial fleece yet and hes 17 dont be within a rush it takes time soak up waking up within the morning and not having 2 rush and shave b4 running of 2 work/collage
loads of my mate dont have facial spike (we are all 16) i enjoy it, but it is actually pretty a pain have 2 shave all the time..christ know how im gunna do it for the rest of my life :s
Your hormones kicked contained by a few years ago but you are still waiting for some of 'em to get going. Immaturity, deficit of education, illiterate, is it any wonder your hormones are slow.?
In 10 years, when you're shaving every daylight or every other day, getting shaving rash, buying razors and shaving gel, wake up late for work and realising that you forgot to shave the darkness before and you hold to go to work looking similar to a tramp- you'll be wishing you be 16 and not shaving again.

Shaving's a pain contained by the ars.e.

As for when your beard'll come, I have mate who are in their mid 20s and adjectives they get is a patchy beard on their cheeks and a bit of a moustache. I wouldn't verbs so much about it if I be you.

Oh, and a lot of blokes beside beards look really stupid, especially really babyish guys- it just scream 'look everyone- I'm a grown-up man! Honestly, I am! Look at me!'. Don't fall into that trap, fella- hang on to your dignity and you'll be able to look at photos of yourself contained by 20 years' time and not cringe.

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