Age & Height?

Till what age the height of man increases.
what are the ways to increase largeness of a person of age 21-24? Is nearby any method ?

Nope you will be short forever unless you wear platform shoes.
Men stop growing at about 18. To do it at your age might require a growth hormone, ask a doctor.
read Chapter 11
Inversion is the individual way I know of , but the effects are intervening. I dont know if it would be more permanent if done on a regular spring ,but it seems to sense so.
You are now at your maximum point, or very close to it. There is no unproblematic way to increase your point, as far as your skeleton is concerned. Technically, you could get leg bone graft, but that would be very expensive. Simply, you can wear lift in your shoes to gain 1-2", or wear a hairpiece to gain 1" or so, in appearance singular.
You can have a doctor break you legs and give screws that are turned every light of day to make the bones grow longer. This I believe is a exceedingly painful procedure. I'm not sure it would be worth it.

Growth hormones are another risk. This would also need a doctor's supervision.

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