Is it true, men? Please be honest.?

My husband and I got into an arguement and contained by my defense I told him that I could find someone that would really love me. He told me that no one would ever love me or want me because of the stretch results on my body from having two of his children. My stomach is pretty much covered. would you really turn me away because of this. Do you deliberate that I am unloveable now that my body will never be equal? Is he right?

I think you both enjoy said somethings that need to be apologised for.

bowdlerize: uh, everybody did catch the reality that she said she was going to find somebody else to love her?...that probably hurt exceptionally deeply. What did you expect him to articulate hurt and angry? "Well gee, all the guys will love you and transport great care of our children better than me. I support you contained by that." Gimme a break.

What he said was out of splash, but makes spotless sense. She was threatening to vacate him and he said that nobody else would love her. Why? He was trying to maintain her close to him because he loves her. (even if it wasn't done correctly). I side with the guy, but stick near my original comment...things be said that need to be sincerely apologised for.
first of adjectives apperence dosent matter(isn't that right?) its about internal attractiveness and personality
capably some people wouldnt, beacuse your not that attractive, next again theres a **** load of ancestors out there who dont concern.
Some people are not superficial sure you could find someone sure everyone could.My wife have 3 kids before 20 years elderly not my kids and I been beside her 20 years.
Not true at all.He is wrong and you should know that already!
freshly with that remark, i'd sign out asap. he seems to "love" the outer appearance more than what is on the inside.

most women and some men adjectives have stretchmarks-it's a cog of life and heritable.
No hes not right?Theres more to a relationship then in recent times looks.
ur husband was really pissed
in good health u 2 are married and got to stick together
ur a people and family never splits unless something really really bleak happens
but hey there's resembling technology that can fix this so go to a doctor or something
That would really depend on the type of woman. For instance I approaching a woman that has more of an athletic build to her. If she have stretch marks it really wouldn't thing to me.
First off, I can't believe any husband would enunciate that to the mother of his children. Either he's an A**hole or he must have be really really P.O.ed (or both.)

Secondly, no. That is utterly ridiculous. Women who have have children have them. People who own put on weight own them (even weightlifters.) *I* have them, and I am by no scheme overweight.

Think of them as a badge of honor and a blotch of experience.
The scars won't stop me from loving a lovely virtuous heart girl.
I think he is an idiot for truism that. Probably said in anger but still really stupid.
what an a-sshole..
honestly i would have punched him within the face and not here.
theres laser surgery for strech marks but DONT GET IT.
they are his kids right? his sperm get you pregnant, its not your fault its inborn.
He's not talking going on for "Love". There are some hideously ugly general public out there beside bad attitudes that somehow still muddle through to attract other people, so he isn't discussion about "Love".

It honestly sounds to me close to he is trying to control you by making you think you may be undesirable. I would want couples counselling, or failing that, a different partner
He said that to hurt you. I would never turn my wife away bcos through her body I have 2 children. Instead I would love and want her even more.
Everyone say things when there nutty, most never mean it
What a freakin' idiot! There are millions of women contained by the world with stretch results who've never even had kids.

I can't beleive he would utter that to you, especially when they're his kids. My wife has one and the same thing across her stomach but that does not be set to that i love her any less. Her physical body is not what i fell surrounded by love with. Her sense of self is her best feature.

If your husband is certainly serious about that statement, he's an a**hole. I'd better progress, that pissed me off.

I am so sorry he said that to you. No one deserves to be spoken to close to that.
i can see myself falling in love beside you, your stretch marks aren't even a consideration.

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