Are in attendance any myths/cures for preventing balding?

I've heard not wearing hat, washing spike...anybody know of any truths?

There are plenty of myths, just tramp into any pharmacy and have a look at the quill loss shampoo's.
The only scientifically proven medication to resist balding is a drug call propecia. Even this is not a cure, but it does slow, and in some cases completely stop balding, next to very little side effects.
You entail to speak to your doctor if you want to get some though.
balding is adjectives from your parents...
Ancient Egyptian men never went shaved. They shave their head adjectives the time all the time and bring enough sunlight and Vitamin D so their scalp is other healthy. Thats one myth I read surrounded by books. But then again, since they hardly have any mane, you'll never know if they actually go bald or not.
Hope that your mothers side of the family circle isn't bald that's be it comes form

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