What does it miserable when a guy's penis smells fishy? does that aim he have some manner of STD? please give a hand?

The smell could result from a variety of reason.

If the guy is uncircumcised, sometimes there may be a fishy smell if he doesn't verbs under his foreskin. It's incredibly easy to solve this problem because it's terrifically easy to verbs under the foreskin; lately pull it vertebrae and wash the nouns underneath like any sector of the body during a shower/bath. That's about it.

The smell could also be the result of a yeast infection or some species of irritation. If it's an irritation it may be caused by chemicals surrounded by some detergents or really strong/scented soaps. Switching products will probably solve the problem. Yeast infections are also easily treated near antifungal creams/pills, and eating yogurt help the body fight and prevent yeast infections.

And lastly, I don`t know the guy just smells. Some society can't process certain things within junk foods, so if they devour unhealthily and/or don't exercise, they begin to smell. So intake a healthy diet and exercising regularly can minister to prevent a fishy smell in some nation (though I think this condition is somewhat uncommon).
Not necessarily, Could be poor hygiene near high level of normal germs causing the smell, only like below arm odor.
that is the smell after have sex with a woman and not taking a shower!
sometimes ur food sweats through ur pores....i would shave it if i have one so the smelly hair is not in attendance.....DID U EAT FISH?? watch wat u chomp through man...
He more than likely is not circumcised .simple as that an uncut penis smells!
when I be uncut, I always have the fish odor if I pulled back the foreskin. Now that I'm cut, that's over. No more fishy odor.

Sadly, women other smell that way. douche or not, it's nearby.
anti-bacteria soap
eeeewwwww grody. why exactly are you smelling there?
it technique that u need to own better hygiene and take really fitting care of your little friend or u will attain a really nasty infection
he probably doesn't practice biddable hygiene, need to run a shower or it will get infected.

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