A routine for my chest?

can anybody recomend a real hardcore chest workout,something thats going to grant the maximum pump i can get also how commonly i should do it

You may have a sneaking suspicion that this is funny but search for the doggcrapp workout by dante trudel u will not carry much of a pump because this program goes against most peoples thoughts on workouts but its what profusely of pro bodybuilders do and trust me u will be in strain. you really should read what it is yourself because like i said its different but it will work.u can target adjectives muscles with the doggcrapp training philosophey look it up
hoist the woman up and throw her about a bit adjectives above you in oodles ways as possible that you can think of
lay down on you stern so your arms can reach teh floor both ways, pick up weights, and keeping your arms straight and rigid lift up them up.

Note do not over do this by trying to lift to much, its harder tahn you tink, dont underestimate
Before any workout you have need of to warm-up for at least 15 min. by running,jump-rope,jump jacks,burpees etc. also 5 min. of streching.And always create sure you have a spotter when lifting free weights.

Bench Press-5 sets

Set 1)(warm-up set)15-20 reps

Set 2-4)(working sets,add on weight 10-20 pounds,rest 30-45 sec.between sets)8-10 reps

Set 5)(drop set,tag on weight 10-20 pounds)4-5 reps later drop 10-20 pounds,4-5 more reps then drop 10-20 pounds,and do 8-10 reps,set 5 is adjectives done wothout rest.

Incline bench press

3 sets)8-10 reps 30-45 sec. rest between sets

Decline bench press super-set with dumbbell flat bench press

3 sets)15 reps respectively one exercise right after the other no rest.

Do this routine once every 3 days for 3 weeks and then conversion your routine.(If you need a brand new one let me know)

For best strength and power I suggest mixing plyometrics with bulk training.

go to the gym adjectives the time?
failong that take steroids! be prepared to be arrested it's a touch bit illegal!

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