Does every guy over the age of 16 masturbate?

No. I don't. And I am not a liar.

Why are you adjectives so sure you know about the private lives of EVERYONE? And why the rush to affirm that anyone who does not follow your pattern of what manhood is have to be lying? I am offended by these statements. I am a sexually-normal married man, and I do not masturbate and did not do so since marriage. That is the truth, whether you approaching it or not.

I have no objection to anyone masturbating who feel the need. It's everyday and healthy. But impossible to tell apart is true of not masturbating. If you don't feel the inevitability, it's totally normal and well NOT to masturbate. Sexuality takes lots forms, and what one person feel is a complete necessity, another person may not enjoy any interest in doing. Normal comes contained by many forms, and masturbating is not the simply normal channel to go.
yea, 99% of folks admit to it and the other 1% be lie detected and they atually do
& the ones beneath 16 masturbate. It has be reported that some male infants stimulate themselves within the womb.
Pretty much.
lol probably way back that. whenever puberty hits, BAM another one!
all the commonplace ones do
ive never tlaked to a person who doesnt maturbate. if a guy tell you he doesnt jerk offf hes lyin to you right out his ***. everybody like to have fun ;p
Yes. I agree beside man. 99% do the other 1% lie. Do adjectives women masterbate?
i'm 15 and i do
for the most part yes. As very well as a whole lot of guys 16 and underneath. Masturbation is essentailly a universal hobby enjoyed by millions each day.

my other answer is that guy are divided into two groups - those who masturbate and liars.

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