Abrasion/Raw skin on penis?

I have this chance abrasion/raw skin on my penis that kind of misty in the center and pink towards the outside. I masturbate from time to time, but not approaching more than 3 times a week (I don't use any type of a lubricant, maybe that's why this is up?). The area helpful of stings a little bit when it is surrounded by contact with something close to rubbing up against my jeans, boxers, etc. I'm not sexually active, nor own I been within the past. It also have been this mode since the end of May, so I obligation to know what can I do to make this "sore spot" run away because it is causing me deeply of distress.

go see a doctor. here can be so many cause for it, among which can be bacterial, fungal or even physical. if you are not sexually active consequently venreal disease is far from your problems.

you may want to check on your clothing because it maybe chaff it thus causing the irritation, or your hygiene practices as very well. especially if you sweat a lot or possibly the nature of your work tend to keep your crotch raining at times, you have to check on these.

do not use any topical creams, gel or medication, not until your doctor prescribes it. get to the root of the condition first and do it directly!
Quit playing with it so much and use a honest moisturizing lotion when you do.

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