5 i too small?

I have a damn 2 Inch shaft and 5 Inch when erect, is that too small?

No, it is not too small. My middle finger is smaller number than three inches, and will touch my cervix, which is at the end of my vagina. Five inches will imbue it completely and snugly. The vagina is extremely elastic, which is why a woman can hold a huge 8 pound baby near no problem, and can also accomodate a larger penis as well.
depends how outmoded you are..
but the average for someone in the uk is resembling 5.5 and in US is close to 6, so your not far off!
logically not. if you think that you are "short" contained by size then, create up for it in how all right you use it. besides, the vagina is an elastic "little" piece it will fit and be snug just around for any size.

besides your not small, you are normal!
no not at adjectives its yummy!!
If you can have a sustained erection, specifically more important. No size is small after.
You'll never be a porn star.... but then again, who would want to... your fine as long as it works..
a bit small
too small for what,,,,its solely there for weeing

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