Best condom?

I found the best way to find out which the best is. examination them for your self.
1) Feeling, by which I mean proximity to the authentic thing. How much did it get the impression like within was no condom at adjectives?

2) Lubrication and ease of application. How well-lubricated be the condom? Did it stay lubricated? (To keep the playing pasture level, we used no outside lubricants.) Did it be in motion on easily? Was it ill-fitting? For the most segment, we stuck with normal-sized condoms. (Among the crop of larger-sized models, the standout is the Trojan Magnum. And for those men really earnest to impress there is the Trojan Magnum XL, the Hummer of condoms.)

3) Aesthetics. Some condoms hold only a slight latex scent, others smell as though you're making out surrounded by a tire factory. And while most condoms look alike, a few unfortunate specimens made us wonder whether their designers have some kind of plumbing work within mind.

also the best according to this guys study was

Pleasure Plus
Price: 12-pack $12 to $18
The Pleasure Plus condom is not related to Trojan's Pleasure file. Its maker is the Global Protection Corporation of Boston (no nouns to the Pentagon or Rand, as far as we could find). The company has manage to get gushing advertorials placed within magazines similar to Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and GQ. I thought it was basically slightly above average, but my partner insisted the Pleasure Plus was the best condom she'd ever used. To the touch, it feel to be only just lubricated, but the moisture was more than fair and long-lasting. It was also odorless. My partner be so enthusiastic about it that at a dependable point I became controlling of the condom. Her final assessment: "It doesn't feel approaching there's anything on."
Trojans are a good brand.
dont use any! lol

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