Anorexia guidance?

Please I want to help my friend who may be anorexic, please see my other grill

and help me comfort her...I'm worried.

have you talk to her parents, do they know there is a problem

hang on to being her friend she is going to dance thru a terrible ordeal in a minute & when she decides she really does call for help
The with the sole purpose way to minister to her is to be supportive and keep encouraging her to attain help formerly it is to late.
You cannot do it alone, she absolutly requests counselling. I had an anorexic daughter who is in a minute a nurse with her Bach. of nursing. The counselling will take to the bottom of why.
the best thing you can do is try to take she is trying to control something in her natural life and feels that if she be smaller, life may start to variety more sense for her.
Usually an eating disorder is not roughly food its about emotion so she is going through a life modification and doesn't feel within control.
The best thing you can do is stay close to her, becuase if she is moving to severe ANA she will want to isolate herself more and more.
if she is continually losing consignment, intervention may need to be an preference. See where she is at and if she see her eating is interferring near her life, she may herself variety a decision to priorities herself and what is esteemed and the food issue will be able to be agree to go.

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