Am I right or wrong?

I feel departed out because There are like no (recent)movies or TV shows that notify a story about kids next to hard lives beside abusive parents or alcholic parents, etc. Like its adjectives about idyllic kids/teens living perfect lives. Am I right to perceive frustrated to feel batty and left out and stuff or am I wrong?
Why or why not?

I COMPLETELY AGREE!! I deduce it's about time that we show what really happen in actual people's lives.
1- Why is this within health?
2- no thats your oppinion ive hear alot of people ask this, peopel similar to watching nice kids instead of emo kids with problems, unless its not almost them and theyre just nearby for the drama.
No you're not wrong. I think relations would just to some extent look at happy immaculate little lives than face actuality sometimes. But just because within aren't any recent movies about it doesn't be determined it doesn't exist.

Anyway, if you happen to be looking for a movie resembling that you should see "Manic". It's a really good movie. Circa 2003 I feel. So not super recent but close. It's about this juvenile in a mental institution because he have anger problems from being abused. You should check it up.
Is a strong life or upbringing different beside time? Why does it matter if movies or tv shows are current? Abuse is ill-treat and the point is to become a physically and mentally healthy individual, not get the impression vindicated through creative writing played out on screen. You're of course in your rights to surface frustrated at whatever you choose, but I would suggest taking a look at where on earth tv falls on your list of priorities within getting over such a horrible situation.
Wait, you want to know if you feel right that you are barmy that there are no shows that relate to your situation? Well, I would suggest watching Law and Order, they hold children that have slighting parents sometimes. Maybe you should make your OWN tv show that relates to your situation.
I'm not sure that near is a "right" or a "wrong" here. You have made your own close watch.

Consider whether the portrayal, approval of, or promotion of family severity or an alcoholic lifestyle should be portrayed.
In what emphasis would be a responsible portrayal? Would brutality or substance abuse come out as "normal" "natural" or "purely the way it is for kids"? Would the motion picture provide solutions for kids to seek for their family? And, still, would the movie still sell? Believe it or not, movies are made to be moneymakers, bottom strip. Sad. Sorry.

I think kids entail answers. I think they stipulation hope.
Yes, I can see where your frustration comes surrounded by. At the top of my mind I can not think of tv shows or movies that are completely just about your topic. I'm sure there are movies, tv shows, and books that hold your topic. If you feel frustrated, it might be pious to talk to your academy counselor about your atmosphere or start a diary and channel your anger into writing.

Humm in a minute that I'm thinking of all the movies, tv shows, books I've see or read: Pay It Forward (movie), Angela's Ashes (movie & book), Freedom Writers (book & movie), Coach Carter (movie), The OC (tv show), Dog Hound (movie not out yet), Law & Order (SVU)...thats all I can consider of.
Well, I believe that what they put on TV and in the movies is what ancestors want to see, that's what makes the money and keep their ratings up. Abuse, neglect, disfunctional family....that's what you see on the news (and Jerry Springer). People don't want to see that, it's not entertaining. What is pictured on blind is hardly typical of anyone's tangible life. I do think through where you're coming from, I've be there myself. There are far more of us out in that than anyone realizes. We are the silent victims of domestic ferocity, alcohol or substance abuse, and consequently, child swearing. Please don't feel departed out, you are in markedly good company. You own every right to feel frustrated and angry. Don't be aware of alone though, you're not. We have lived surrounded by shame, quietly, screaming inside where on earth nobody hears us cry. Nobody feel our pain. Just create sure you live you life the terribly best you can, be the best person you can be, and be proud of who YOU are. You can't adjust what was, but you can clear a bright future for yourself and if you choose to, for a ethnic group. Perhaps there should be a latest movie made about family in crisis, something to bounce the public awarness once again. Believe me, most families are not similar to those portrayed on TV. There are no "perfect" families. Some enjoy more problems than others, of course. People want to come home, relax, and soak up a show, and there's nothing satisfying about what we hold had to survive. I think that's why.

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