How to loosen up. literally.?

I walk and move similar to a robot, and I don't know why. I don't dance or anything because I have a feeling very 'tense' and I other think that everyone's looking at me, even though I know they aren't.
How can I only just loosen up, and dance, hurdle, and do embarrassing stuff similar to I haven't done in years?!

You can try looking up relaxation technique online or at the library, then try them in the past a social situation.

Also, you may want to join a sports squad or group, even just at the local basketball court. Even if you are not that appropriate at the sport the act of practicing it will minister to you loosen up.

FYI i think this is the closest category for your ask, I will give you a star and that should win some interest from others in my meet people.
dance,get, and do embarrassing stuffs
muscle relaxers and alcohol will clearly doo the trick
We are what we percieve ourself to be-if you see yourself moving like a robot-then it will imprint your mind to get the impression that too. Also it will lead to emotion like your individual watched by everyone and when you look at face they will respond and then they will be watching you any way.

On the other paw you say you want to do crushing stuff like you use to do-sounds similar to part of you desires to be suave, with suitable movements and part of you desires to do movements that would embarass yourself.

Your mind made by Jesus, knows what you are up to-and is restricting you.

stating you havent done it contained by years-well if you give your age and your body state-it may be more than a short time ago your mind.

"Be not drunk on wine, wherein is excess, but be filled beside the Holy Spirit." when you get elevated on God you will be able to do things near your mind and body right now you deem is impossible!

Alchohol will loosen you up in more ways than one, it will agree to you make a fool out of yourself and do things that your body will regret to say-so nothing of regrets to those that are next to you or recongnize you now or surrounded by the future.

this is how I come to know the difference and jump for excitement and was out singing and excited today as within every day since I come to know His truth, freedom and joy= you are a precious person.

why not capture something better than what you have lived with-or literally are dying beside not just spiritually deceased.

this helped me to go and get higher than vodka and facilitate from above too=learn Bible for salvation within Jesus there.

this help me understand Jesus=John 3 to repent/ask forgiveness for my sins and be born again. Revelation 3:19&20 Jesus speaking "I love you and ask you to repent. Behold I stand at your heart door and knock, if you ask me surrounded by, I will come in and initiate a friend ship with you and you near me."

I prayed and let Jesus into my heart presently he is my savior Messiah and best friend.

cam on=thanks again friend in Jesus Psalm 23 The Lord is my Shepherd/guides me resembling I was his sheep (bahh bahh) they dont know what sea to drink even and will drink poison water short the shepherd to guide and protect them.

why not come to get some give a hand more than anything, help from above surrounded by Jesus, and a new commencing -something to put dance within your steps as people vote of me too. David
Ok .. (with out the assistance of Jesus) I find that I also become really anxious at times but at other times and around individuals that I am at ease next to I am a very noisy and spunky personality... it may nouns dumb but when I am feeling extremely self conscious I embezzle deep breathes through my trunk... slowly... and at the same time try to clear my person in charge and talk myself into relaxing... at times i have a feeling as though it almost works... :) (tell yourself that your being silly (not noticeably..) and that your going to cut the "@#$%^". maybe you'll listen. If you entail more than that it may be time for a therapist. :)

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