?Can vocational rehabilitation abet me?

My condition: uncontrollable flatulece more close to an aura of constant gas this also gives me social anxiety. Pleople at my behind the times work place would constantly make fun of my condition and emotionally I did not fare capably.
My background: Have a B.S. within Accounting and Finance 3.5 GPA
I worked six months for the IRS before my problem started and adjectives the verbal attacks for my condition come.
Job Wanted: Anything on a computer not confronting others, prefer work at home, prefer accounting, I would even do bookkeeping with my level
I wish I did not enjoy my condition as there are lots and lots of accounting job out there that concordat with the public.

If its such a problem you may want to run talk to your doctor, here maybe more going on consequently just gas.
Well, most accountants hold verbal flatulence so i dont see the problem
Just pretend it didnt develop, and look knowingly (yet near an air of disgust) at the individual next to you. People will suspect the smelliest lloking human being (do not dress like the smelliest being - people will presume that those within expensive suits have "have the operation" - the op that seals the bum so no farts can occur)
Believe me, girls enjoy got away next to the "someone else" excuse for years. In the worst situations, you can always exclaim "he who smelt it, deal it"

IT is the perfect employment footpath, the body odour of your collegues will easily drown out your fart smell. In reality in IT, farts are a bonding experience, where on earth they are savoured in the squad, much like a fine wine. When i worked within support "ahhh, an 87 vintage, ripe and cheesy" was a compliment i hear often (not around me of course, im a girl and thus enjoy "had the operation")

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