What's the best I can do to backing a friend who have have depression for tons years?

See http://www.ezy-build.net.nz/~shaneris... on page 2 and stir to the mental-health-abc & conqueringstress sites, too.
Help him to increase his friend circle , Which help him to come out from depression.
Depression is terrifically common and affects as heaps as one in eight nation in their teen years. Depression affects relations of every color, race, monetary status, or age; however, it does seem to affect more females than males during youth and adulthood
other give him words of encouragement and show your love and supervision towards him.
You should see what is the reason of it... Maybe your friend have to visit a doctor...
Oh, I see... it is so difficult to opt your problem with your friend. Maybe you have to give her adjectives your attention and careness...

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