I perceive really guilty is it my breakdown?

ok so this kid invited me over to watch a movie yeah thats fine and we started making out who care and like we did some other stuff (( i did it indecisively )) and he like required me to give him come first and i waslike i dont know i dont know i dont really want too and he like nature of pushed my head down so i would doo it and similar to held it there andi grain guilty because it was my reproach!!

No. It wasn't your fault. He shouldn't own forced you if you said 'No" by holding your head down.

Next time sweetie, product sure you say "No" and return with your point across and be careful give or take a few going to someones house alone. Next time it could be worse for you.
1) If the kid was a minor & you're an fully fledged it was a crime, so capture your act together. Go to confession (if Catholic), & procure psych treatment from a professional.
2) If the kid was nearly your age, it sounds like you weren't really dying to do it, and feel guilty for going against your own inside ambience. The guilt will go away, but try to cram to be more assertive.
DON'T feel guilty! If any-one should be guilty it should be that guy. No-one should ever force you to do anything you don't want to do. I enjoy been surrounded by the same situation as you when I be a teen, and an older guy pressured me into doing things I didn't want to do. I despised myself for giving in. The solitary thing to do is be forceful and enunciate NO. Its easier said than done, I know. When you're there it's regularly not that easy. But don't be a push over, solely do what you feel comfortable doing and remember be true to yourself! Don't do things that could put you at risk of STD's any cause it sounds similar to that kid is a bully for forcing you. Its not your fault OK?! :)
please don't!! it's not your mistake. you tried, and that guy was only an asshole. who was freshly extremely horny. next time, if you really be aware of strongly about something, project it! if he doesn't respect that, he's not worth knowing. please don't grain guilty. you honestly shouldn't...feel better and i hope everything works out fine. :]
Why is it your slate. Do not feel this style. He is a jerk and it is his show disapproval because he held your head down. Actually if he made you do it that could be a crime and he could be contained by big trouble
That's what you get for kissing a boy until that time marriage, trollop!
he pushed himself on you. you obligation to leave him be as he is to aggresive to do that. the conclusion should have be up to you not him. and please don't do that, as in these times you dont know what anyone have.
Please be careful and do not find yourself in situations next to pushy guys.
It could have be much worse.

If you feel up to it, explain to him what he did was rude and disrespectful. Tell him he should not push women to do things they don't want to do.
He might not realize how desperate he made you feel. You should narrate him. However, I would suggest not being alone near him in the adjectives.

Young men often push young at heart women to do things they don't want, it's VERY important for you to stand up for yourself.
Women enjoy the tendency to "be nice" and have a feeling like they "deserve it."

Please believe you are useful enough to not be used!

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