Gay or bi bookish behavior?

I was molested as a child and have sex with another boy adjectives my child hood life and into my teen yrs next had sex next to males and females, now im 40 and married 17 yrs and still own sex with men on occassion, my psychologist asays im not gay or bi but practicing a knowledgeable behavior, has anyone else have such an experience? and can hypnotism help?/

I don't know but I looked-for to say sorry for the rude associates who answered your question. Jesus Christ, guys. That's amazingly immature.

You could be practicing a bookish behavior but you could also be bi. If you enjoy sex near both females and males, then you're bi, no cross-examine about it.
fitting luck with that you nouns pretty gay to me so ya i feel bleak for your wife
Why are you here, and what are you paying the psychologist for? You expect to get better answers here? Go support to the guy you are overpaying and ask for help.
I deem he's right, you are practicing a learned behavior. I've met associates who have have the same experiences that you describe. So you are not alone.
Get rid of a psychologist, and communicate to a friend. I dont get this profession, how is someone going to report you something about your self that you dont already know, or a friend.

oh yeah, your gay dude. lowest sounds like it, unless you soak up having sex near your wife, then your bi. pyschologist is full of sh**.

sucks you be mollested, and that might have some entry to do with it. The certainty that he says you are practicing a cultured behavior sounds to me like me aphorism " yeah dude your gay or bi, and you being mollested probably have something to do with it" I'll convey you the bill!
so your cheating on your wife with men, gee do I be aware of bad for her, you should give an account her so she can get out of a cheating relationship and find someone who is predictable to her like she deserves
The best method to answer this question is to ask yourself one press. Am i attracted to me? if you are chances are your gay. To tons psychologists assume that your not gay if you have be through traumatic experiences such as sexual abuse.. If your confused going on for your sexuality then probability are the effects of being molested hold impacted on you and you are confused about your sexuality.

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