Addiction comfort.?

ok. so i am addicted to music and tv. but like mostly to music. i know that it sounds crazy but its approaching if i can't have music later i start to crave it and it gets me so crazy and bitchy to those. i just can't control it. I hold to have a radio station on adjectives the time and i mean adjectives the time. i have multiple radio stations and cd's playing at the sametime. and if for some intention the music stops i get crazy and i can't concentrate or do anything. its pissing everyone around me stale, but music is like alcohol to others. i only just can''t get adequate. i tried to quit listening or parameter myself but it doesn't work. I NEED HELP! i can't survive without listen to music. please give me some direction on kicking the habit or a support group to step online to. i tried to replace it with other things but it doesn't minister to.

try having one playing at a time
an possibly you can ease i down instead of stoppin git adjectives at once which is hard.
close to smoking, cutting down is better and easier after quiting all at once.
its not resembling that so try to cut down and then slowly youll go and get to a point where youll be okay in need muisic for a while.
You need to achieve laid.
I don't see the problem. Get yourself some headphones. And revise and instrument.
You should learn an instrument you mind is bursting near talent
what piss people stale is all the different side
turn on the radio
tune in impossible to tell apart station
and turn out pleasing to friends

if you have your own music enjoy multiple speakers installed all over the house to alike thing.
umm wow. this is a tough one lol.
here have be many times when i own heard that addiction is adjectives inside your head. i own taken psycology classes and have hear that simply telling yourself that you can overcome something will gross it happen. I don`t know if you tried to multi-task and did something like cleaning while you are listen to music then you can slowly front it out of your life. music isnt adjectives that bad you know. or I don`t know you can get some sort of errand where you enjoy to listen to music- a job at a concert assembly room, music store, or something like that.
dudette the addicted_player have come no need to verbs dont
need to in fact take the music out of your existence...just find another item to get addicted on unproblematic as 1..2..3 surfin the web is so much better its lyk tv and music mixed up you use lots of your senses your eyes ears ya fingers and you might
merely find the cure for addiction sumwhere on the internet =D

and if that does'nt work go win yourself a boyfriend
maybe you necessitate a hobby or have you tried to put together your own music for more advice turn to www.ask

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