What shall I do something like my hubby I'm positive he is losing his memory big time and?

it is worrying me because he works away from home and I feel sure it will not be long previously he loses his way compleltey. Also it is starting to bring stress and anger him with me for describing him is forgetfull and me because I feel so frustrated that I cannot oblige or worse still he won't let me relief him.. trying to get him to stir and see his GP.

Has anyone else had to do business with this type of issue.?.

Answers:    He should see a doctor as soon as possible. Many, MANY things could be stirring. They could be psychological in humour, you don't state his age but alzheimers is a possible explanation. or simply a vitamin or mineral deficiency. A girlfriend of mine thought she be losing her mind because she kept forgetting things from one minute to the next. It be driving me crazy too. Turned out she was suffering from a b-12 negative amount. A little blood work, some b-12 injections, problem solved. Neither of you will know for certain what the problem is though until you seize him to a DOCTOR!! God bless and good luck.
travel to a doctor

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