I am a recovering user and my best friend keep relasping what can i do to assist him?

I try to tell him what i do and try to compare our issues but he does not listen i enjoy been verbs three years

Congratulations on 3 years!

It's a full-time job. I've be sober for 6.

If you have attended NA or AA they hold told you to change race, places and things. I'm sure they have also told you nearby is NOTHING you can do if he doesn't want the help. Don't permit him drag you down.

I really do understand.
You have need of to shoot him in the chief, he has the disease, he's lost, freshly put him down before he spreads it to humanity, resembling TB
Sorry to say you cannot do much to oblige him he has to realize and ask for the aid. If you try to force it upon him it will only product things worse. I hope your friend get better.
Intervention ,intervention ,intervention.Before its to delayed. And seek or hold on to seeking help for your self so that you don't carry tempted by proximity to him and his behaviors.You gota stay clear head and not fall contained by the ditch helping some one out.but what ever you do don't give up on them, you wouldn't own wanted some one to afford up on you right?Good luck and tough love.....

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