Anxiety mixed beside depression issues WHAT TO DO ?

my best friend died a few months ago and i still can't seem to
capture myself back into life span.
YES work is going okay , I'm keeping my mind busy there but next i come home and veg out in front of the computer, I know this is not vigorous mentally or physically .

I don't take lawful or illegal drugs, discern negative roughly addictive chemicals.

What do you suggest to lighten the nouns of a high anxiety fellow human ?
Thank you

Congratulations that you've made it this far.
I've experienced some similar vibrations and it was so scratchy my body that I didn't get out of bed for oodles months.
Once I felt powerfully enough to crawl out of bed I devised a plan, go visiting prehistoric friends and family member for about a month to obtain that voodoo monkey off my spinal column.
Getting involved in other people's lives and mortal useful to them help me to become strong.
You will get better
A really perfect answer would actually lug a back and forth chat. You call for to take inventory of yourself, which is difficult to do when you're consciousness crappy.
Think back to when you have hobbies and interests that occupied your time and see if you could see yourself picking those up again, instead of vegging.
Look around work for clothed people you might want to suspend with after work from time to time so you can enjoy some kind of social existence.
Consider classes in something you've looked-for to learn or conceivably even check out some churches as a way to run into people if those humane of people don't totally turn you sour.
Just brainstorming...hope something helps. Been here.
Work out! walks, yoga, or the gym. If that doesn't work for you read , bearing your pet, burn some incense. I went through a incredibly high anxiety point surrounded by my life and I go to a counselor too. I never thought it would help, but it did. Utilize your friends and family unit if possible. I need you luck
I have read tons of metaphysical books so my bear on death is that it's better over nearby and your friend is feeling great (and requirements you to feel better, too). If you can detain psychic Sylvia Browne on Wednesdays on the Montel Williams show it will either assistance comfort your loss or be a hilarious spend in dribs and drabs of time. Try it and see. Get out in disposition if possible instead of within front of the computer. Focus on somebody else so you can't dwell in your own ambience (help someone move, renovate, watch their kids, call on your family if they aren't depressing dysfunctional dorks).
You stipulation exercise and uplifting diversion. Life has these times of contemplation for a apology. If you can't pull yourself out, don't be shy in the order of talking to a shrink for a couple of months.
For electric release, perhaps you can filch someone to an amusement park and yell your pave the way off on the roller coaster. It's an appropriate place to practice primal yell therapy. Best of luck.
Oh, My mother have good luck next to going to a berevement group after my father died. It's a safe choice if you want to commiserate with others who are trying to process a loss.

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