Alcoholic hallucinosis?

This is a bit of a specific question, but Im hoping theres a psychiatrist out near, that just happen to be moseying around, with zilch better to do!

My questions is.surrounded by patients with alcoholic hallucinosis, what class of auditory hallucinations to the patients go and get? i.e. are they typically 2nd person or 3rd creature hallucinations?

Thanks :)

My auditory hallucination usually consisted of angelic-like choirs singing. You know the "Cherubim and Seraphim" chanting or singing - contained by repetitive phrases. I couldn’t see them - just hear them - not contained by my mind but "for real" as if coming from just ahead or above me. It even happen to me once while in Times Square, of late walking through. It can be startling. I never heard singular voice.

Apparently I am not unique surrounded by having this experience. I be discussing this phenomenon with a fellow recovered alcohol a few years ago (He regularly saw and hear wild pigs) and I nearly faint when he said, “Oh how about the choirs! Did you ever grasp the choirs." Of course I had to inform him yes. He knew of others who have as well. Go digit.

These experiences were NOT necessarily during renunciation either -- they occur when I was actively drinking as in good health. And they never happened in the past and they had never happen since recovering.

Psychologists don’t know Jacks crap about alcoholism. They THINK they do - but they don't If you want to know in the order of alcoholism – ask someone who’s experienced it. Otherwise all you will go and get is opinion going on for it -- and the value of to be precise very small by comparison.

Hope that help whatever cause you have for wanting to know this.


Danny S
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Alcoholic hallucinosis is a withdrawal symptom. Can you believe the state of a patient have them? They're not into carefully distinguishing between a voice chitchat at them and talking something like them. In fact their hallucination are more what you'd expect from popular portrayals of this condition. They are bugs, snakes, and similar things, both visual and tactile hallucination. Auditory hallucinations are much smaller number common, unless it's a schizophrenic withdrawing from alcohol, I suppose. I don't remember ever encounter that. From what I do remember, you're not going to get reliable notes about your cross-examine.

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