Am I addicted to sex? I contantly conjecture in the region of it?

and it seems that I want to own sex more than my boyfriend. If he lets me, we probably would do it at lowest 5 times a day. Is this phenomenal?

totally normal u are a certified too
If it is out of the ordinary, then I am here with you. I own a really high sex drive too! I guess some people are only just more sexual than others.
as long as your faithful, you're what we bid "The Perfect Wife'Girlfriend"
that does seem profoundly too much, that much sex and there is no time gone for work, house work, kids, friends. please see a counselor and get minister to for the diease. it is a diease like any other article. good luck to both of you.
Nope, you purely have a large libido. I'm the same route you are, if my boyfriend was up to it, we probably wouldn't make tracks the bedroom at all! Have fun near your libido.
Well having alot of sex sin't remarkable. Just dont do it to much or you might be expecting kids...
When I was younger, I wish I had a girl approaching you, now it doesn't concern.
lucky boyfriend, enjoy
Im beside you on that because i have a glorious sex drive as well but my shrink say im a nymphomaniac. No shame in it. It cant switch to much its like a subdivision of you.
no ur just similar to me. we have a elevated sex drive. u like the opening it feels and how it turns u on. ur everyday.
It's up to you to decide. You can swot up more about sex addiction at .

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