Am i downcast please serve?

ive been sit here all evening drinking wine by myself to take drunk to block out everything is that sad?

what your doing is awful and you may very understandablly touch miserable but the best thing you could do is vacate the wine alone for a few days and try to get for a while help from friend or relatives or maybe even a counsellour cos i infer you have seriously of stuff you need to voice which will keep on upsetting you until you've told someone how your really intuition.
it's okay to feel upset but don't consent to it ruin your life.
righteous luck and i hope things pick up for you soon.
Yes moose, it is.go into the joke section and it will cheer you up.
You can't be that pi55ed. Your typing is pretty apt. That's something to be chuffed about!! See, out of every refusal you can make a positive.
I don't come up with anyone can tell you if you're down in the mouth. Sad is an emotion.
It is desperate because you are wasting your life. But I used to do it every darkness for years-starting drinking when I finished work at 1pm and drinking through till 2.30am. I became an alcoholic. I go to Alcoholics Anonymous and was competent to stop drinking with their oblige. I only needed to stop drinking because it made me very not a hundred percent eventually.
AA for help 0161 236 6569 (Manchester)
No, explicitly not sadness. That is call "sweeping it under the rug," or covering something up that you do not want to frontage. Doing this for very long, will result within sadness. If not taken thinking of, this sadness could result into depression.
your not by yourself you enjoy us, pass the wine, don't be be going to. x
that sounds pretty sad to me. i dont consider you should drink to block out everything. that is not the answer. i reckon you should call up some of your friends and step see a movie or something. or write in a jounal or something approaching that!!
don't be sad drinking doesn't relieve live normal be everyday everything will be normal.
Well, it is really an avoidance tactic and possibly a coping mechanism, the peril of that is that it can confidently become a way of coping beside everything and then you are facing an additction, and yes, that would be unfortunate. Only because if you go down this boardwalk, you will never know what you could have achieve, been or enjoy without that addiction.

Whatever have brought you to this place, I am sure you know in your heart of heart that blocking it all out beside drink is only ever a intervening solution, makes you get the impression worse and gives you something else to suppose about, not to mention the irreversal mischief it can do to your mind and body.

I am not judging you, I be like that myself for the longest time, lots years. Eventually I got some psychiatric therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy actually (six sessions be all it took) and I never looked rear legs. I wonder who I might have be and where I would be in a minute if I hadn't done those things to myself, but I am so pleased that those days are behind me. You owe it to yourself to put down that bottle, capture the help you inevitability to deal beside your painful vibrations, and be the best you can be. Good luck, and God bless.
no, you are not a sad being, you are just doing a in tears thing. If your mom died, you should have a word to people roughly it. trust me, they will help. I know this because my mom, Cleopatra, died a month ago. I be sad, and depressed, because after adjectives, she was the one who brought me into this world. But, remember that evn though your mom isnt next to you physically she will ALWAYS be in your heart. mmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmm. i hope you will overcome this drinking problem, and if you still hold troubles or questions, a short time ago keep asking empire for help. :)
First of adjectives you shouldn't be drinking wine with antidepressants. (You may inevitability a stronger dose. Talk to your doctor about this.) That just makes it worse. Yes I cogitate you are stuck in the "sad" stage. You may inevitability counseling to help you cope next to the death. It is not uncomplicated losing someone that close to you. Just remember all the satisfied memories you had. It will be tough for a while. But every daylight will get easier. Good luck. =)
try gardening it have therapeutic effect on mind.

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