Anxiety or ocd?

whenever I get really polite news I act in response nervously, and cogitate something will go wrong. For instance, I a short time ago met this great girl and things are going well. But when I try and construe positive thoughts about the potential of the relationship, my mind fill with this nagging repetitive cross-examine: "what if some day she cheats on me". Its interfering next to what should be a really happy time.

Sounds similar to what I used to experience. Every time, and I niggardly every single time my husband left for work, I newly knew he would bring back into a car calamity, or something bad would start and he would get kill. It sounds silly now, but at the time it be so awful. I'm taking Prozac now which is perfect for depression and ocd and other anxiety things. I tried to stop taking it for a few days once and the old fears come right back, so I'm staying on it forever I guess. But I sure grain better now and I hope you find some nouns too, good luck.
could you afford me a better example? everybody worries about relationshipd especially when they're topical.
you can email me if u have a better example of OCD or anxiety
It sounds more similar to an anxiety disorder to me...maybe Generalized Anxiety Disorder. But, obviously, I'm not really knowledgeable roughly GAD (I am particularly interested contained by affective disorders). However, if you wanted to run the medicine route, SSRI are usually decisive at treating both GAD and OCD :)
go see a pych or a reg doctor for your anxiety

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