Anybody own any counsel on how to choose a counselor?

I looked in the phone book and near are so many I don't know who to pick! Should I only just randomly appointment one or is there something I should look for. I also don't know what adjectives those tilte abreviations mean. Like L.P.C. or L.M.F.T. or LCSW or MSSW. What? Basiclly I be so stressd at work that I walked out, within tears, and was told I could whip a paid two week head off of absence if I get a note from a counselor maxim I neeed a rest.

My therapist is an LMFT and she is great.

Therapists don't walk medications, you call for a phychiatrist for that - if it is something you may need,

I did try a couple of therapist before I found the right one for me.

Your insurance may peter out down the list for you.

I reccommend an department that has a couple of doctors (even if you don't see one) and a few therapist. That way, if you are contained by crisis, you can still get relief from the same bureau (they already know you there) even if you therapist is on time off or ill.

You definatly want them licenced - the FT is for nearest and dearest therapist, the sw's are for social workers.

If you pick one and don't resembling them, then simply switch until you find the right one.

Your regular doctor might know how to make some reccomendations for you as capably.

Good luck and may you find the help you have need of.
You want to find one that you get along near... but anyway, I'd start out by calling around and asking 1) when you can get an appt and 2) how much it costs. I call around recently and plenty of psychiatrists didn't enjoy openings until Aug 1st, Sept 1st, overdue August, etc. They might be better but if you need abet now consequently you don't care because you entail help NOW. When asking for the cost, ask both for the cost of the first drop by and followups... often followups are closely cheaper. Like one psych I asked was $230 for first drop by, $88 for followups. Psychologists are likely cheaper, but still pious to ask how much unless your insurance covers them 100%. Also, if there are that lots in your phone book, next odds are some of them are pretty far away... ring up the ones that are less than partially an hour driving away first (use Google maps). Google can also tell you what adjectives the abbreviations plan (I don't have a clue either).

Good luck!

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