Anybody ever feel approaching they have no alternative but destruction?

For almost a year now I hold been sober, and drug free... It have been really tricky to do that, as I am 31 and have be boozing and loosing for 19 years... Since I have be clean, alot of well brought-up things have come my mode, like, I hold a job. But things ghave be tough at work ,and I don't know how much longer they will keep me. If I lose my assignment, I will have without doubt nothing. Getting a situation was a long unyielding road as I have a criminal history. I don't think that anyone would hire me if I lost this commission. All I have needed to do is get up and be the best Dad for my kids, who I haven't see in 6 years. Their Mom have made it almost impossible for me to see them... I just don't know what to do... My best friend is my ex-GF who I own some feelings for still, and she is aphorism that she thinks we should division completely from each other. That she feel that she cannot forget the mistakes of the past and that they prevent her from person my friend. I don't have anywhere to turn to presently... :' (

Dear copious ways I have be in your situation. I boozed for abundantly of years and tried to medicate myself out of my depression. I refused to lug prescription meds for it because I was sure that be for losers. If you go on Yahoo and rummage through under "The Last Temptation of George Petrie" you can see how my existence spiraled out of control until I lost everything and almost lost my natural life. I finally got things turned around when I started taking Prozac. My biggest regret contained by life is that I didn't start sooner.My time would have be a lot happier and simpler. If you surface like you own no alternative but death afterwards you feel equal way I did at one point. I contracted to give myself one end chance (after a former suicide attempt) and take meds. Today I am not contained by a perfect situation and probably never will be but I enjoy a new living and am able to cope next to the day to daytime bull. Best wishes to you
Have you called your sponsor give or take a few this? Doesn't sound similar to it.

You can also contact:
There is always hope. You are doing the right item and as long as you continue on that side of the road there will be no stopping you. Don't donate up now, you enjoy come so far! I know it wasn't easy. My ex is going through indistinguishable thing right very soon. They literally scraped him out of the gutter ( he was hit by a truck while crossing a street, drunk). He is contained by rehab now and struggling, he have lost everything. I know it doesn't seem approaching it right now, but I believe that everything happen for a reason and your existence has purpose you a moment ago don't realize it yet. Please hold on. It will find better.

Keep the faith!
Wow it sounds close to you have have a hard row to hoe. I dont muse you need a girlfriend it sounds close to you need a apt support group like a church. Please hold on trucking for your kids, even if you don't see them today or this week or year, eventually you will and they need you!
First of adjectives, GOOD FOR YOU for becoming sober! You should be so proud of yourself for that. That is a huge accomplishment!

Second, death shouldn't be an alternative. You are still a father, and I don`t know once you prove to the mother that you are recovering and making a real hard work to be a good dad she will dispense you more chances to see your children. Plus, if anything ever happen to their mother, who would care for your children?

If you are a well brought-up employee, you should hold no fears about losing your opening, but if you did, there are other people who stipulation employees. My husband works surrounded by construction, and I bet at least 50% of them hold criminal records. Don't agree to your fear run your energy, turn those fears into positive thoughts, "What we fear~we create".

Lastly, have you ever tried Feng Shui? You might hold something bad going on within your children area, and also surrounded by your career nouns. If you activate these areas, you will see a great raise. There are 8 areas in total~Wealth, Health, Career, Children, Travel, Reputation, Love/Marriage, Knowledge. It is so natural to activate any nouns with things you already enjoy. An old chinese saw goes resembling this "If you want change contained by your life, move 27 things within your home"

If you need facilitate or have a cross-examine about Feng Shui, message me and I will try to minister to you. My life have improved drastically since I own been using Feng Shui.
Stop the scour to find something to rescue you from yourself. and you will find peace.

This is like facing demise before you die.

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