Any adjectives tips on dealing (& coping with) constant Paranoia & Anxiety?

see a councillor, talk going on for what it is that causes the anxiety. pinch it step by step as dealing with these serious issues take time and effort but it will pay envelope off.
Seek professional comfort.
Public transport - face your fears and adjectives that psych mumbo jumbo
probably need a medication. stay rotten the stimulants if you use them
well i suffered near this for a while and it went to a point where on earth i couldnt leave my house. try conversation it out with a close friend that will fathom out and support you, or go to a counselor. my couselor really help me out.
Take deep breaths, try and find time for yourself to relax... There are lots of things that the schoolbook book tells you to do but are newly not possible..

Good luck..
I myself am dealing next to Anxiety,sadly i reach a point when i knew i have to go and see my GP and go and get some medication to help me out. It is working a treat and i am unbelievably happy beside it. It also helps to receive some therapy or see a counsellor to serve deal beside the issues that make you get the impression anxious and paranoid.I hope you work it out.x
stop smoking
go to a gp and grasp tablets
i used to suffer terrible and own now get over it
stop smoking draw
i agree that you will need to facade your fears as soon as possible, but you need to try and comprehend what the cause is so you can inaugurate to control it.

there is no necessitate for you to be so self concious. you are beautiful.
Get stale the drugs!
Best thing for you to do would be to clear an appt to see your DR.
They will be able to answer your question better and may put you on some tablets and suggest counselling!
thats what they did with me and the tablets be enough to assist
Try and do things stage by stage, if you sit at home hiding it'll only receive worse. try and face things, even though its fear-provoking. Get a friend to help you through it. and if its long permanent status try summon up courage to see doctor.

Good Luck
It can ruin your life. There are great medication out there and great therapist. In this crazy world we live in, it can be intricate to cope, but just save it Positive.
Good Luck.
See anxiety treatments at on page 6, and practise one of the relaxation methods on page 2 (read that page) day after day, and when needed, and find a therapist using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

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