Any teens besides myself on Lexapro?

I'm 15 and have be diagnosed with severe depression. A doctor prescribed Lexapro for me, not singular for depression, but for anxiety that I often enjoy. Just curious to know if there's anyone else out there- any teens- who is experiencing the same as I and taking Lexapro.

My wife have been on Lexapro for 2 years immediately (she just switched) and she's 20. Lexapro isn't approved for teens, and it isn't the best choice. She have the same problem, depression and anxiety. Lexapro have a tendency to end in anxiety.

Pay close attention, if you start to get aggressive or angry there's a apposite chance its the medication. Also, that in mind, medicine takes sometimes up to 2 months previously you feel the full effect. Take that into consideration when/if you ever switch medication.

Hope that helps :o)
Same here. Mine be given to help next to panic attacks and depression.
yeh ive be on it since 14 and im almost 19 mines for severe depression and anxiety as well. it suxs.
I am 15 as ably. I just lately got put on Prozac. I own depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. I hold been dealing near all of it for 5 years so I guess we needed to do something give or take a few it. I was drastically hesitant at first because I dont want to win attached to a "drug" but if its going to help me I guess I can settlement with it.

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