Is what my horrible aunt doing everyday? I want abet!!?

I wrote another question just about this and read the replys, and now i'm wondering if this is mundane, or if this aunt has some problem near the way she is acting

She think she is better then other ppls and she is never wrong, and she never apologizes or ever admit her mistakes (fake ***** personality). She calls me an weak child and trys to start a fight contained by public by saying things that hurt me. finishing year she called the police on me because i be in a quarrel defending myself. i was vastly upset after that and cried a lot.. Whenever I try to natter to her i have to vote things that please her and if i don, then she will be paid it a very big business deal, and she doesn't think that anything my friends say resources anything because they are "little girls"

I'm 15. what should i do about her and is she mundane

Answers:    I think you should give an account your mom and or dad about her. Hopefully, you would not hold to be around her. . Don't let anyone filch away your self esteem. When I was growing up, I have a very mingy step father that constantly, verbally, put me down. I didn't bring up to date anyone and his behavior towards me made my life miserable.(from ages 10-15). I never told my mom till after they separated and she finally divorced him (after 5 years of marriage). He threatened us and my brother near a gun, which turned out to be unloaded(Thank God). Good luck to you...
Hmm with the predetermined details it sounds like your aunt feel out of control and is trying to manufacture up for her lack of control by intimidating and controlling kids. My guess is she have some issues going on in enthusiasm that are eating at her and her coping skills a short time ago arent doing the job.
That or she purely has no tollerance for infantile people.

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