Has anybody ever be raped and enjoy some counsel?

Yes, it happened to me two years ago, when I be 15.

If it happened really just now, make sure that you don't give somebody a lift a shower or change clothes, no business how much you may want to. Then you need to jump to the ER. Tell the doctor or nurse that treats you that you were raped, and ask them to pinch whatever evidence they can find. You enjoy to report it to the police, and put the f*cker that did this to you in prison.

If it wasn't recent, but you're dealing near the emotional trauma that comes from it, freshly know that there's hope. You don't have to dance through it alone, tell someone. I know if you're at adjectives like me, you might touch ashamed to tell someone, but what happen to you was not your failing. This gets so much easier to business deal with when you're not alone. It took me two months, but I finally told my best friend what happen, and I just feel this huge weight human being lifted past its sell-by date me. I don't know if you actually want to do this, but if you consistency like you want to, professional give a hand is definitely a correct idea. You can carry counseling to help you do business with what happen. Try maybe writing poetry or songs or sculpture or things that help you release your state of mind on days when you're feeling at your worst. If you want you can beckon RAINN (Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network) at 1-800-656-HOPE. I called in that after it happened to me, and it help to be able to detail someone, even if I didn't know them personally. Above adjectives, just remember, this be not your fault, no thing what some people may say-so. Good luck to you, and I hope that you find healing.
If you've ever be raped, you need some one to gossip to. Don't think you can do it alone, you can't. Being raped, living beside the meories, no matter how or where on earth it happened , is intensely difficult. Talk to a psychiatrist, maybe even another rape target. ANd remember, It's not your fault. You did not ask for the rape, you did not invite the rape.
my best friend be raped last year and she be too embarrassed to detail her parents...so she told me first. You should NOT take a shower.dance and tell your mom in a jiffy so she can take you to the hospital...dont verbs about self embarrassed.. you own more worries like one pregnant or having an STD
i be raped and sodomized when i was 9
nick care of them and dont give up your job them just anywhere.....or even someplace you may deem is safe!
NOWHERE is safe and sound for a pretty lil girl!
There may be physical pain.
There will be hysterical and psychological pain.
It is not your error. It is not your fault. IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT.

The internal guilt is consuming.
The crime against the personality of WHO YOU ARE takes a giant toll.
You may quality unworthy - of relationship, of love, of a right to live, of the right to be treated with respect surrounded by the future.
You may perceive unworthy or unable to discern a satisfaction in yourself, and a sense of pride to be the person you are.
You may consistency the person of who you are be stolen from you, and stomped on before your eyes, and you may lose the will to live..for awhile.

DO TALK WITH A FRIEND, Counselor, or CRISIS HOTLINE. (Call the hand or 1-411 Information to connect you)

There is life after rape
There can be love after rape
You are still a soul,
You deserve to be respected.
Your feelings and thoughts will not shift away overnight. This is something that you will overcome, and it will fade into the background eventually.
You are still a delicate person on the inside!
You are of convenience!
God made you, and loves you tenderly.

This is a hugely hard article to do. Learn to write/journal
your private feelings and ferociousness. Learn to speak to a female
you can trust of what your thoughts and ambience are.
Be open to listen to your feminine friend and advisor.
Become willing to restore to health.
Learn to live again.
i think culture need to realize that the police will not whip it as seriously as they should. i was raped and they told me my rape tools wouldnt be even processed for close to a year. the cop was so horrible it converted me not to go further. it is massively sad
Yes & it be ONE of the worst times in my life span. To make it worse, I KNEW my rapist & he and/or his attorney paid some of my freinds to kind their depostions in his favor fairly than mine. When the case go b4 the grand jury: in that was no evidence b/c I hadn't gone to a DR. I be only 16 & didn't want my parents to know what happen but in the extension they did. It's been almost 15 years & it still spooks me. I don't know your exact circumstances but name the police if you can, file charges next to the D.A. & throw his butt in put inside b4 he does it to some 1 else.
Here is a link to the teen support hotlines. There is someone there to gossip to 24/7

Girls and Boys Town National Hotline
(TTY 1-800-448-1833)

Call With any Problem, Anytime

24-hour Hotlines


A 24-hour crisis line for any crisis - from pregnancy to drugs to depression

Phone: 1-800-448-4663

Phone: 1-800-448-1833 (TDD for Hearing Impaired

Call one of these today!

Open 24 hours a year, everyday

Talk to someone who is trained to help you, hotlines are free.
first things first. YOU ARE NOT TO BLAME for it. it be not your fault. the being who did this to you is very, highly sick. i hope the caught him. i was raped on a regular cause by a family partaker for years as a child. the person kept unfolding me that if i told my parents they would not believe me and they were right. here is a grieving involved with rape. you will run through all of the phases that you would progress through as is if someone died and in truth someone did your innocence. your trust within being protected by the society and the legalized systems and depending on who it was that raped you, possibly by your household. the thing is that you involve to learn to trust again and the lone you are going to be able to do explicitly to start with you. you involve to relearn to trust, just close to a new child learn to trust. you need to cram to forgive the person that harmed you. the best channel to do this and this is what really helped me to acquire passed it and the angry and hatred be to sit down in a stillness place and write a letter to the human being who did this to you. if you know his name start it to his term if you donn''t start it off to TO whoeveor you are. write down contained by that letter everything you would similar to to say to him. and i do be a sign of everything. let it adjectives out. call him every cross in the book. you may reflect on you don''t really have mucvhto vote but as you start wriying tou find you have closely to say. surrounded by this letter you can enunciate every hurtful you can think of,etc. purely let it adjectives go. after you enjoy written the letter.. BURN IT. hopefully you surface better. you may nooot be totally heeled but you should start to feel better. you really should want out a therapist to finish the remedial process. GOD's BLESSINGS on you.
Never blame yourself.
Talk about it beside someone you trust.
Journal your feelings.

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