Any give support to for my deficiency of sleep?

I'm 13, homeschooled, in Grade 11. I love art and solving puzzles involving logic. My brain now and then stops processing thoughts. (Whether it's ideas for art, why slugs own 4 noses, or solving logic puzzles.)

.Anyways, during the darkness (around 23:00hours) I can't fall asleep due to adjectives of the thoughts in my person in charge. I need comfort cooling down my brain so that I can sleep.

P.S. I've already been to a doctor specialist, give me some medicine. Yet- I still can't go down asleep~!!

Any help will be rewarded next to gratitude~!! :)

Here's something that has worked for me. I falsehood in the bed and listen to an iPod for around 30mins or so. I don't listen to music because that can keep me up, but I subscribe to a speech radio podcast. I'll listen to the podcast for a half-hour or so and I'll usually go to sleep next to no problems.

Try not to have any caffeine after dinner, because that can really hold on to you up. Caffeine affects different people contained by different ways, so you may find that caffeine really keeps you up more than most those.

Also, try not to eat anything after 7 or 8 pm. Eating give you energy, and animation keeps you awake at darkness. If you must eat postponed, don't eat deeply. Only eat plenty to satiate you.

These have be what has worked for me. Best of luck to you.
Exercise! After dinner, turn for a jog. You can run adjectives your thoughts through your head while your jog the park or around your neighborhood. Then you will be more ready for rest when you acquire home. You mind will be clear and your body will be tired.
lots of mental activity--any physical? try running a mile or so a few hours before bed. also, a hot bath/shower will angle your body temp and the bodies natural process for cooling your down releases melatonin which help you fall asleep.

also, you're a smart cookie, so you know you stipulation to exercise control over your thoughts and calm yourself. pick up zen for dummies and do the practice exercises on clearing your mind and subduing thoughts, they'll assistance.
Listen to AM radio talk shows.

Because you are infantile, It will bore you to sleep.
You need to swot up techiniques to slow your mind down which isn't as easy as it sounds. I repeatedly struggle to get to sleep for alike reason you describe, my brain a short time ago won't give me the space to slow down at times.

There are breathing technique you can try which will bring your focus more inward rather than your brain whirr around. Alternate nostril breathing is something very commonly used surrounded by yoga and always recommended to insomniacs. Google this for a really accurate means of access to do it as although it is very simple it isn't assured to explain.

I have also found taking the tv out of my room really help, making sure your bedroom is somewhere that you would want to sleep rather than somewhere you do everything (eating, homework, watching telly etc)

Then when it comes to the actual attempt at sleeping fake down close your eyes and as thoughts come into your head acknowledge them and set them free, this is immensely helpful although not I don`t know something you will be able to do straight away.

One more entry which guarentees sleep for me is a hard physical workout, near is nothing better for me after being completely physically exhausted. You merely got to sleep

Good luck near this
tell your parents to lift it easy on you, your 13 and contained by 11TH grade?
if your other thinking of the things you metioned maybe you stipulation to go out near some friends once in a while and not study so unyielding or do whatever it is you do!?
Arielle- my daughter's cross! (I had to respond...)

I own restless leg syndrome and I refuse to nick another prescription- I have two that I can't live without-

So, I relax by doing some yoga. If that doesn't minister to I take two (liquid gels) ibuprofen and that help.

Good Luck with university!
I agree with steph, are you doing exercise or purely studying and doing puzzles. I dont think medication is the answer unless really desperate, catch outside and enjoy existence as well. you can solitary study so much (but dont drop out of it), enjoy some time out!UNWIND a touch!
Arielle,your mind is still helpful when you go to bed.Start to unwind all right before you run to bed.Jot down all the things going on surrounded by your head.Have a heat up bath until that time bed.Drink a cup of Chamomile "tea",have a turky sandwich an hour or more formerly hitting the sack.Get rid of all distractions surrounded by your bedroom.Never use your bedroom for any activities except to sleep(and when you seize older.).Turn your clock's obverse so you cannot see it,relax your limbs,permit your energy "sap" out of you.Clear your mind of everything;if worse comes to worse count "cats and dogs"...Still can't sleep.Get up travel to the Lounge,watch TV(in darkness) or read a book.Go pay for to bed again.Make sure you get heaps of sunlight during the daylight.None of these works.see your Doctor again.Good night presently.
er...don't think of this as silly coz this really works. this is a form of meditation and relaxation that help to clear the mind--- first of all, sit straight on the floor, within the middle of ur room with ur rear straight, legs folded and without partiality on anything. switch off adjectives the lights, close the door and light a single candle contained by front of you a few feet away from where on earth you are sitting.close ur ears with the help out of ur thumb and place the rest of ur fingers gently on closed eyes. quality the light from the candle and force adjectives ur thoughts towards the source of light till you are not thinking of anything except the lantern and warmth u sense. after this breathe within and out deeply and as u r doing so concentrate on ur breath. have a feeling the air gushing to and from ur lungs. in a minute picturise ur bed in ur minds eye and ponder of nothing but sleep and drowsiness still picturising ur bed and still conscious of ur breath. u will discern drowsy after a few minutes of this. slowly open ur eyes and blow the candle out and lay on bed still keeping ur mind clear or if still concentrating on ur breath. ur mind will become amazingly clear of thoughts and u can get some sleep efficiently. all the best ! and don't feel I'm mad. it really worked for me. hope I've be of some use to u.
See insomnia at on page 3 and practise one of the relaxation methods on page 2 within bed after lights out.

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