Fluoxetine (prozac) for compulsive intake disorder? does it work?

has anybody else be treated in this route for compulsive eating disorder or are you a doctor who can make clear to me how effective the treatment is? it's not that i don't trust my doctor, he be just drastically blase in hand out prozac when i'm not depressed at all.

Prozac is prescribed for consumption disorders. I personally don't believe they work but after i guess it depends on the trigger of your eating disorder. I've read a few studies where on earth they have found it not to be influential in the treatment of consumption disorders or at least not contained by the long term anyway. It may contribute you control for a few months to deal beside the underlying issues which may help you totally get better but i'm bulimic and they haven't helped me as of however. I guess everyone is different and you just inevitability to remember it may actually work for you no event what anyone says.
i know anorexic race that have succeeded beside it, so why not? The root of most eating disorders is like.
give it a shift honey its prescibed for eating disorders as okay as depression.
Dear Erica..actually prozac have been shown to be terribly successful in treating drinking disorders. While it is generally prescribed for depression it have been found to be outstandingly effective contained by other situations such as yours. Please trust your doctor and give it a try. You may stipulation to adjust dosages but you should see some results within two to three weeks once the invigorating dosage is reached.best wishes
Hi Erica, i be on this drug, recently come off it..as it wasn't treating my depression. it is used to treat bulimia usually as it surpresses appetite and can slim down anxiety which envokes eating disorders within some individuals...bulimics usually take up to 60mg of fluoxetine. I could see why it would be used for complusive intake disorder if it helps to surpress anxiety and appetite.

I be given this for depression, but it actually give me an appetite, but this is my personal experience.
Fluoxetine in high-ranking dose, often 60mgs, is specifically indicated surrounded by eating disorders. Generally it is also significant to refer all patients to specialised psychologists/psychiatrists for the psychiatric help part of their organization which is at least as critical as medication.
fluoxetine is a horrible drug surrounded by my experince so i'd try to avoid it at all costs. i lost relatively a bit of wieght when i was on it for a short while, which may enjoy been cause by my depresson i guess, but the side effects where horrible.i'd try and see another doc and see what they enunciate. good luck
really not i appropriate it and if anything my eating have increased :(

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