I am completely void?

Seriosly, I only discern when listening to music, doing a cavernous assortment of drugs, or the unspeakable. All I feel is guilt and despise. Guilt for my parents who have done nought but love me, and hate for everyone but me. Sometimes I obtain so pissed off at the world surrounded by general I only want to say **** it adjectives to everything and everyone. Does anyone else get packed with DESPAIR when they transport a long, hard look at the world? Has anyone thought of these things on shrooms or sour? WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?? WHAT COME NEXT? WHAT OF YOUR KIDS?!?!?

at least you do get the impression...it's easy surrounded by this world to feel dispair and disgust but to everything there is an converse so what is the opposite..hope and love. for some citizens it is a choice as to which side they would rather be on. for others it's because of a medical condition to which in attendance is treatment but one has to purely chose what category they fall into and if they want correct. Personally I think the world would do capably if more people be pronoiacs believing that the universe is conspiring to shower us with blessings. I get up today and was competent to stand, I was competent to open up my blinds and see the attractiveness of the world. That doesn't mean I'm not going through **** but sometimes I purely have to rob a mental shower to get some of the stink rotten and it is nice....therapy help though big time...good luck on your move.
Of coarse i think everyone does at one point or another, the world is a depressing place and it is far from immaculate as are you. You need to realize that the things you can't fine-tuning you need to stop worrying more or less but the things you can change, do. i.e. the only bearing you will ever see improvement
I deem everyone has thought some of those things at some point, and when you're high-ranking you're always gonna analyze things within a different light...why do you quality so much guilt and hate? Did something specific ensue? It sounds like you're emotionally numb, and that's pretty serious. You should natter to someone about it, I don't know what the unspeakable that you do is, but it sounds pretty discouraging if you don't wanna talk in the order of it. Talk to someone before you do something stupid. The world does suck at times, I chew over so too, but you have to only try your hardest to ignore it. There's zilch we can do.
We die and thats it , heaven or hell child . Get off the drugs and win high on time not on man made crap that is drinking your brain away , go bungee jump ,sky dive you know it takes some next to ball to do that it solitary takes a coward to steal some pills for a cheap thrill .
I've been here,done that
a major point I'm not bringing kids into this world
you should stay off the drugs go and get help take into a rehabilitation thing. it will assistance u and u'll definitely touch better about yourself. i own a family bough who is on drugs. he's not only hurtin himself but hurting everyone who loves him because the ones who love him are hurting inside because they see him hurting himself. so please get hold of some help.
Have you considerd that the drugs you are taking could somewhat be messing beside your perception of the world, I am a reformed drug user and I have DONE the uspeakable to myself and the inhabitants who love me the most, yes the world can be a hole but hey you are here once.
Get off the drugs and whip a new perspective of things, I'm not preaching to you but mate thats what the crap does to you.
Why not find something to love and vigilance about, perchance find some respect for yourself? If I CAN anyone can.
I thought I had a more surrounded by depth look into life when I used to use drugs. It turned out to be thoroughly misleading. (Hindsight is 20/20) It sounds like you only just disassociate. Your mind may do this to protect you from things that you are not ready to bar just even so. It is more common than you reason. You may disassociate less near drugs because they kind of drop our inhibitions for us. But sometimes they over amplify things as resourcefully. Music is a great way to get hold of in touch next to and help work through emotion. As far as despair goes, you only have to focus on the honest things in go, no matter how small they may come across right now. Things will return with better. You also have to enjoy a really good sense of humor to grasp through this life. You are not bare.

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