Anxiety. facilitate please?

I dont know why, but I am always sense like I cant carry enough nouns... i concentrate on my breathing, and try to take slow low breaths, but I feel similar to I am not getting enough, I am really prone to have a panic attack, I own fainted, its really annoying, I dont even inevitability to be in a stressfull sitution, resembling reading a book at home, its weird, and I am sick of it, its be happening for in the region of 6 months now, and its not an iota worse at any time of the month. I thought it was a pre menstral piece at first, but its def any time.
I am not scared of anything, and not particually depressed, although I enjoy a history of it.

i suffer with anxiety and am getting aid form a councellor and she has really help me, she realized that the anxiety be linked to piece from the past and what ever i be doing at present was bringing posterior or mentally related that to something that happened surrounded by the past, but your brain will not realize that this is happening or that this is the common sense why, until you have bookish how to link posterior. if you want i can give the email address and phone number of the sun-up the lady i see, she does 1-1 session phone sessions and on rank sessions ans she may really help you resembling she has help me.
her e-mail is
Mentally isolate your self.

The book ways that if you respect the valid, fear is replaced next to wonder.
You really need to see your doctor for a surrounded by depth evaluation if you were not getting adequate air you would be comatose so you can let that one progress.I think beside proper medication and therapy you should be merely fine. Just take the first step to reaching out and getting the backing you need.
i know how you be aware of im suffing from panic attacks atm,

i hve be to my docs and she gave me some pills call escitalopram i have be on them for 2 weeks so far,
go to your gp, they mightgive you some pills or find out what triggers them, ect.

hope it go well for you
I also suffer from anxiety, usually brought on by nought at all. I enjoy been taking antidepressants for a few years presently and they really seem to oblige. My anxiety and depression go mitt in appendage, and they are due mostly to a reduced level of a chemical contained by the brain called serotonin. That is why zilch has to trigger these state of mind you have. They are not cause by an outside stimulus, although those can sometimes play a part, but are a bit brought on when your serotonin levels drop, which you enjoy no control over. It can be very frightening and lonely to experience the symptoms of clinical depression and/or anxiety/panic attacks. There enjoy been times when I thought I be going to die. But it can be gotten under control. Everyone is different and should be treated properly, but you have to see a doctor and agree to him know what is going on. If he does diagnose you as clinically depressed and prescribes you a medication, you must take it as instructed. You also enjoy to give it time to acquire into your system which could take a few weeks, sometimes even a few months. Chances are that you will start off to feel somewhat better just by conversation to your doctor and knowing you have finally done something in the order of it. Good luck.
View anxiety treatments at on page 6. See your doctor and hold a lung function test (incipient bronchitis or emphysema?) and allergy exam (pollen?). If you work your way up slowly to 30 mins of brisk walking, day by day, it will expand your lung capacity: jog, or running would work quicker, but if you have the potential to lightheaded, stop and sit/lie down. See depression, on page 2, as well.
Get out and do something. When you mind is colonized elsewhere you will fell better.

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