Alchoholic husband?

my DH is a self confessed alcoholic and drinks 35cl of vodka each sunshine (even though he hides it from me).
He refuse to go to the DR's for comfort because he thinks that adjectives they will do is send him to AA.
Does anyone enjoy any experiance of what a Dr would say?

A doctor can't MAKE him budge. That has to be his choice. Just steadily talk to your hubby and hopefully he'll generate the choice to go on his own. Just be in that for him, that's all you can do besides show your love and support.
Only God, and a strong will to quit will acquire him to quit. His problem is not of this world , you think it is him but it is a spiritual problem. If you want to see some results, swiftly and get on your knees and pray to your godly father . That is the best doctor you will ever have to consult.
He will just do something about it when he admit he has a problem. My dad died due to his dependancy, but my mum go through absolute hell. She have to stop getting his alcohol for him, put up with his moods, it be awful for her. He died a terrible loss, but sad to influence, at least my mum immediately has a characteristic of life. She should own left him years until that time, but thought he would give up. What a spend of her life because of his dependancy that he did not own.
The most important article is not 2 hurt his self respect. Do not nag him. Do not b oversympathetic 2 him either. Create an environment where on earth he feels that he is still the guide of the family , his opinion do matter & he is supposed 2 look after & nurture 4 his family. When he have regained some of the lost confidence,(All alcoholics withdrawal self confidence) gradually start bringing the topic of alcohol ( not alcoholism) as a risk factor 4 his robustness. Hopefully, after some time he would b in a state of mind 2 progress 2 his doc or 2 AA. In all this episode of ur natural life, remember U r the most important individual playing on the centre stage & ur hubby wishes u more than his bottle of vodka.
When a person is drinking that much you are going to most promising have three problems
1. Denial... Watch out for that. Example A Dr. would in recent times make him be in motion to AA. Translation I don't want to go to AA.
2. Someone drinking that much really desires DE-tox. If you go to most hospitals within the USA they can lead you surrounded by the right direction. De-toxing yourself can be pretty rough and even dangerous.
3. Even if you can carry someone into DE-tox they still have to want to quit drinking. In time, if the being doesnt stop drinking the health problems or financial or trial problems will arise. (Or all 3) !

All of these things can and will effect your entire own flesh and blood. As you have a stake surrounded by this too you might have to carry a little firm!
Good Luck.

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